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Wildmoka Partners With France Télévisions For Digital Broadcasting ‘Without Limit’

November 22, 2018

Certain partnerships go far beyond the realms of the usual customer/vendor construct. They challenge your boundaries, push your limits and put your very own status quo to the test. This is also how our collaboration with France Télévisions, the French public national television broadcaster, has been unfolding throughout the years. To us at Wildmoka, it turned out to be what we consider an essential pillar of mutual growth which enabled us to create a real media hub for digital broadcasting without limit.

From Broadcast to Digital: Leveraging the Cloud

Since the dawn of television broadcasting, legacy workflows and infrastructures have worked pretty well based on massive CAPEX investments. In order to be able to deliver business-critical content in continuity, and ensure very high SLA (Service Level Agreement) required by linear television, workflows have been conceived around full redundancy of equipment, so that it could recover from any hardware failure.

It takes a new challenge, that current methods can’t face, to push broadcasters into this new space

This approach works pretty well for a predictable, slowly evolving environment. But it lacks scalability on large events, which by nature require a peak of capacity in a very short time. Additionally, the urge for delivering live content across multiple social and digital destinations, which are Cloud-based in nature, is pushing towards a Cloud-based environment. Having to build integrated workflows for temporary projects such as live events, and the need to connect the team for remote productions requiring broadcasters to liaise distant locations back to headquarters. All these reasons are drivers to consider the cloud in order to have a flexible infrastructure with an OPEX model, to better control costs versus time.

Integrating a cloud solution is not the most challenging part for a broadcaster. What is complicated is leveraging it, while continuing to ensure similar SLAs, high resolution, fast turnaround, and this coupled with the need to connect geographically separate locations, reduce costs, and extend access.

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France Télévisions Wildmoka