Broadcasting Netflix Sponsorship Tour de France

This Week’s Sport & Business Snapshot

April 1, 2022

Views From The Industry: Ben Page compiles a snapshot of some of the biggest pieces of news from around the sports industry over the past seven days.

Ride To Survive?

Netflix this week announced that it is partnering with A.S.O. to create a documentary series on the Tour de France 2022, following eight of the teams taking part in the race during their journey across the roads, cobbles and mountains of France.

This joins the highly established Drive to Surive, as well as two other series that have recently been revealed as upcoming project for the streaming service, with the ATP & WTA tour for tennis and the PGA TOUR within golf.

It is unlikely that these will be the last series to join the club, as many organisations are now understanding the power that these docuseries can have, on the back of shows such as Drive to Survive and All or Nothing.

This is now used as a major marketing tool by certain sports in an attempt to grow their fanbases even more. From a personal perspective, it is something that the NFL and NHL should try to implement, as in a similar way to the drivers in Formula 1, it is difficult to see the real personality of the players when they spend most of their time with their helmets on.

Mes Que Un Partido?

Women’s football once again took a huge step forward this weekend as Barcelona’s female team broke the world record for attendance at a single match when they beat Real Madrid 5-2 at the Camp Nou.

This just illustrates that people must continue to be patient with the women’s game as its growth will not be instantaneous, however when you look at what has been occurring over the past decade it shows how far it has come and what is possible. There will be huge business in women’s football, just give it time.

Let’s hope that the momentum that is being created within the club game across large parts of Europe and American can be replicated and built upon when the Women’s European Championships comes to England this summer…

Viva Las Vegas

Formula 1 will be heading to Las Vegas in the 2023 season for the first time since 1982, with the city set to become the third American venue on the calendar as the sport looks to expand further in north America.

Vegas will also become the latest night race in the calendar and it is sure to be a majestic sight as the drivers head down the Las Vegas strip, passing all of the bright lights of the hotels and casinos that light up the skyline.

The race will also be a rarity in the F1 calendar as it will be taking place on a Saturday night. This could potentially be the most questionable element of the race, as while this will be perfect for viewers and attendees across the Americas, it makes it very difficult for those in European countries to tune in, so I wonder how F1 will overcome this?

P.S. – Vegas F1 Films: Ocon’s Eleven, anyone?

The Capital One World Series

Capital One this week struck a huge deal to become the presenting partner of baseball’s World Series in a reported five-year $125 million agreement. At a time when MLB’s popularity appears to be on the slide across the USA, signing this partnership is a definite boost for the perception of the product with sponsors.

Also From This Week

DAZN And Movistar Plus+ Reach Distribution Agreement For LaLiga

UFC 275 To Become UFC’s First Pay-Per-View And Championship Title Bouts Hosted In Southeast Asia

Nielsen Enters Into Agreement To Be Acquired By Evergreen- And Brookfield-Led Consortium For $16 Billion

BCCI Releases Media Rights Tender For 2023-2027

And Finally… Your Sporting Highlight Of The Weekend

With the Final Four of March Madness taking place this weekend, there will be one historic matchup as North Carolina and Duke, the most storied rivalry in College Basketball, meet in the semi-finals of the NCAA Championship, the first time they have ever faced each other in the competition.

This is a game that is sure to dominate TV screens across America on Saturday night and be a huge boost for the NCAA, who have dreamed of getting this matchup in college basketball’s prime competition for many years.

It will also be the final fixture between the two coached by the retiring Mike Krzyzewski, who has been Duke head coach for 32 years, and has experienced huge success throughout almost the entirety of this period.

Broadcasting Netflix Sponsorship Tour de France