kiswe Partnerships sports business vidgo

Vidgo and Kiswe Launch Social TV Experience

October 2, 2019

Vidgo have launched a brand new mobile app, alongside Kiswe, that will deliver ‘a live social-streaming experience for Sports, Entertainment, Family, and Latino programming’.

This latest solution offered by Vidgo provides social features for live video that allows friends and family to interact together via a digital living room called “Hangs” while watching TV on their mobile devices.

“We’re thrilled to launch Social TV to support Vidgo’s incredible programming. Finally, watching TV on your phone no longer means that you have to watch it alone. With Vidgo, we’re making live sports and entertainment something you can once again share with friends, even when they’re apart,” said Mike Schabel, Kiswe Mobile’s CEO.

“Vidgo wants to bring friends and fans together to watch live sports and television in a fun and engaging manner.” said Shane Cannon, Vidgo CEO. “Social TV is finally here!”

Read the full press release through this link:

kiswe Partnerships sports business vidgo