UIPM successfully introduce Bonus Round at Rio 2016

September 12, 2016

The introduction of the Bonus Round Fencing to Modern Pentathlon is the latest innovation from UIPM, medic following the adoption of the Combined Event in London.

With the Olympic debut of the Bonus Round taking place in Rio UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said:

“UIPM introduced the Combined Event  in London as a new and vibrant climax to the Olympic competition. It was a dramatic spectacle and at the same time a very difficult test of nerve and stamina, and the capacity crowd in London was thrilled.

“This time, in Rio, we present the same successful format but with one extra feature: the Fencing Bonus Round. Our audiences both in Rio and around the world are thrilled by this new feature.

“We are sure that people will see that it brings more drama and creates a better platform for the presentation of Fencing within our sport and for our pentathletes.”

The Bonus Round took place on a raised piste inside the Deodoro Stadium, preceding the Riding and the Combined Event which took place in the same venue.

Rules of the Bonus Round

In the bonus round, each athlete fences against all other athletes for one hit within a time limit of one minute.

If a hit is not scored within the time, both competitors register a defeat. The target area is the whole body.

The 36 athletes take part in 35 bouts. A total score of 70 per cent victories (25 bouts) equals 250 Modern Pentathlon (MP) points.

Each victory or defeat is worth +/- 6 MP points, the equivalent to 6 seconds in the final combined event.


UIPM Continuing to Innovate

Rio was the first Olympic Games to see the Pentathlon stadium concept adopted meaning that swimming was the only one of the five disciplines not contained within the stadium.

This will change at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo where the pool will be contained within the arena, creating a full Pentathlon Stadium.

Janusz Peciak, former Modern Pentathlon Olympic (1976), and chairman of UIPM Technical Committee, previously explained the benefits of the stadium idea.

“The Pentathlon Stadium is an initiative concept that is proving very successful for our sport. It allows the spectators to understood completely the concept of our multi-sport as they can follow all the action from one seat ,5 events in one sport session.”

“It allows them to follow our athletes as they swim, fence, ride, run and laser shoot all with one ticket and all under five hours. The ideal venue is a football or rugby stadium that allows for a temporary 25m/6 lane swimming pool to be installed.”

“As has been shown by spectators surveys taken at Olympic Games, those that have bought tickets not knowing the full aspects of Pentathlon have appreciated the diversity of our pentathletes and left after the competition keen to find out more about our amazing super athletes and our sport.”

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