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Things To Consider For Your Video Content Marketing Strategy In 2019

January 16, 2019

On the dawn of a new year, we’ve rounded up some tips for marketers that want to do something different with their video content marketing strategy in 2019.

January is always a busy time for marketers. Given the speed at which change revolves around their profession – and the number of potential changes available to them – their task is to deliver on a new vision with all the gusto of someone tackling a new year’s resolution.

Content marketing is one area that is throwing up a range of different questions around approach and strategy. For instance, is it best to focus on delivering a high volume of short but succinct pieces, or are you better off taking the time to produce something longer and more impactful?

If there’s one subject that’s really causing marketers to think, it’s video. The format has grown exponentially in recent years thanks to a wave of adoption, investment and a positive response from consumers. HubSpot reveals that 85% of businesses now have the capability to produce video content in some form and 54% of consumers want to see even more of the format in 2019 and beyond.

So, what can you do to make 2019 a ground-breaking year for your own video content marketing strategy? Ahead of what could be a busy 12 months, here are some considerations that’ll have you moving in the right direction.

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