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Five Key Takeaways From iSportConnect’s Digital & Data Masterclass

March 30, 2022

Jay Stuart, our Editor-at-Large, has jotted down some thoughts following our first event of 2022.

iSportConnect held its first in-person Masterclass in two years on Tuesday and delegates didn’t need any reminding in order to get right back into the swing of sharing of actionable insights.

Here are just a few of the takeaways served up by excellent speakers including participants from North America representing three NFL teams, NBA and NHL franchises and leading esports brand Evil Geniuses.

  • It can be worth investing some money in original music for your digital content instead of using generic rights-free tracks. Up-and-coming local artists enhance engagement.
  • Rights owners beneath the top tier of the big leagues and events should adopt a social media-first strategy instead of continuing to prioritise television. They will get more audience as well as more engagement.
  • Premium data comes from having a digital ‘conversation’ with fans. If they are open to interaction, take advantage of the opportunity to gather high-value information.
  • Fans increasingly want their teams to ‘mean’ something beyond just playing a sport or who their players are. Teams need to have values like brands.
  • Esports teams can ‘piggy-back’ on sponsorship by mainstream consumer brands to raise their profile on broadcast television through the advertising that highlights their partnership.

iSportConnect’s next event will be our Broadcast & OTT Masterclass on May 10 at Twickenham in London. Book your place now by registering HERE.

Data Digital & Data Masterclass iSportconnect Masterclass Social Media