Scoring Sponsorships: Which Brands Have The Most Effective Portfolios?

By Roger Breum | December 13, 2018

Data and analytics are ever present in a consumer’s day to day life today. At every point in a consumer’s journey, data is collected – be it a purchase, transaction, or the consumer’s digital, social, and online interactions with a brand.

A vast sea of data, gathered for every product and consumer, whether online or offline, is available to brands now. The question is, does your organisation effectively translate and act upon this data?

Many brands simply accumulate this data without using it for strategy and decision making.

Spontech pioneers Hookit has produced a new guide which is tailored for brand marketers and is based on our extensive experience and data insights gathered from working with clients.

Also included in the guide is the first look at the Hookit Brand Score, a measure of sponsorship effectiveness for brands, calculated across key industry segments. The Hookit Brand Score provides sponsors with an accurate measure of how well their sponsored properties promote the sponsor brand and allows for benchmarking against competitors in a sponsor’s vertical as well as across other categories.

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