SAP White Paper on Re-imagining your business with Event Ticketing

July 18, 2016

The ticketing business is rapidly changing due to major trends such as mobile, ambulance social channels, fragmented secondary markets, targeted marketing, and dynamic pricing.

SAP® Event Ticketing software utilizes the latest technologies to simplify ticket buying, provide data in real time, streamline the ticketing lifecycle, and offer an attractive financial model Add it all up and you can sell more while maximizing profits.

Break-through technologies are enabling new business models that can increase ticket sales.

Consider the impact of social media, mobile computing, and real-time location tracking, just to name a few.

In addition, each consumer can now choose from multiple channels for ticket discovery and purchase, leading to an individualized experience. All of these new technologies and channels can create additional revenue opportunities if used properly.

But today, most firms use a series of discrete point solutions to support their end-to-end ticketing needs.

This creates complexity, data silos, and added costs – especially when fan engagement is factored in.

Those that use older ticketing platforms and have not kept up with new technologies are probably losing sales.

In addition, those that have outsourced ticketing to third parties are not totally in control of their business,fees, customers, and data.

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