DFB German Football Association MLS Partnership San Jose Earthquakes

San Jose Earthquakes and German Football Association agree to collaboration

July 7, 2017

 The San Jose Earthquakes and the German Football Association (DFB) have agreed to a multi-year collaboration focused on knowledge exchange, game development and machine learning.The collaboration presents both

The collaboration presents both organisations an opportunity to take a global leadership role, centred around capturing new insight from an objective-driven match and performance analysis.

“We are excited to enter into this collaboration with the German Football Association as we have formed a strong understanding and connection as to how we want to continue to deliver an insight-driven message to our players and coaches,” said Earthquakes General Manager Jesse Fioranelli.

“Driven by two landscapes rich in talent and innovation, both organisations are committed to making an increasingly fast game even smarter, one player at a time. In doing so, we are strengthening our long-term investments in our respective player development programs.”

The two organisations will test new trends through joint research and development clinics and focus groups in an effort to gain critical feedback from players and coaches to be implemented in their respective programs.

The collaboration will further allow both organisations to strengthen their presence and investments in youth development and cutting-edge sports technologies.

Part of the agreement is forming research and development expert teams and subsequently hosting R&D and coaching clinics, both in Germany and the U.S.

“The collaboration with the San Jose Earthquakes is a wonderful opportunity for the DFB to develop training content and diagnostics further,” said Markus Weise, head of the DFB Academy’s conceptual development unit.

“The Earthquakes, just like so many other organisations in Silicon Valley, are truly embracing technology and are challenging the status quo. Their innovative approach is perfectly in line with our ambition here at the DFB and our Academy. We want our player development program to become the standard of excellence in global football.”


DFB German Football Association MLS Partnership San Jose Earthquakes