Rugby World Cup: “We Will Help Rugby Grow In Asia”

By Community | April 18, 2019

With five months to go, tournament preparation for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan starting September 20 are on track with an extensive testing and readiness programme set to begin.

There have been 5 million ticket applications to date for the 1.8 million tickets available (sales begin again on May 18)

The tournament is expected to have a massive £2.97 billion total nationwide economic impact in Japan as a whole.

For the sport, Japan 2019 will be the most-impactful Rugby World Cup with a legacy-first approach introducing young people to rugby in Asia in record numbers.

This legacy dimension is just one of the topics addressed by World Rugby Chief Operating Officer Alan Gilpin, who is Head of the Rugby World Cup, in our exclusive interview.

In conversation with Ben Barker, Commercial Director of Monterosahe also explores the key role that technology will play in making the mega-event a success.

There will be an estimated 1 billion video views of Rugby World Cup 2019 online content!

Enjoy the interview.