Plans For Stadiums To Re-Commence Soon, Says IAEH Survey

April 8, 2021

The International Association of Event Hosts has published the results of a survey conducted to understand the impacts of the pandemic on members’ events in 2021.

IAEH members in Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Middle East, Europe and North America participated in the survey. The results show that the impacts and responses differ according to geographic location.

· Most host organisations are expecting and planning to return to major events in 2021

o Two thirds of members responding currently have cancelled or postponed events no later than September 2021, and only 17% currently have cancelled or postponed events in 2022.

· Plans for ‘stadium’ events to re-commence

o Two thirds of host organisations have already or are planning to allow’ stadium’ events in 2021.

o In Australia and New Zealand ‘stadium’ events have either already re-commenced or are planned to re-commence with full capacity in April 2021.

o In Asia, Europe and North America, 25% have plans for ‘stadium’ events to re-commence with full capacity but only late in 2021 or in 2022.

o 24% of all respondents have no current plan date for ‘stadium’ events to re-commence. The majority of these are in Europe.

· Restrictions

o For members hosting ‘stadium’ events with restrictions, the limits that apply are of no more than 50% capacity.

o Some members also reported that restrictions are being imposed according to social distancing rules rather than percentage of capacity.

· Measures adopted to support the events industry

o The majority of host organisations have actively put in place measures to support the events industry. 50% of organisations reported event-specific initiatives in addition to general national government support.

o Measures are similar across regions including mainly financial aid such as wage subsidy, interest free loans, tax relief, emergency funding, and reimbursement packages.

o Members rated the effectiveness of these measures were higher in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Middle East (7 out of 10) than in Europe and North America (5.5 out of 10).

· Guidance for staging major events varies across the world

o 50% of members responding are using external resources – some based on resources from the World Health Organisation, others based on national or regional advice.

o 25% of members responding don’t yet have any guidance in place for major events to go ahead.

The survey was completed by 24 IAEH member organisations between 8th and 29th March 2021. A similar survey was conducted by the IAEH in May 2020. Comparing the results, a significant difference is on planning for ‘stadium’ events to re-commence.

In 2020, the level of uncertainty was much higher and the large majority (80%) of host organisations reported that there was no planning date for ‘stadium’ events with an audience to re-commence. Whereas in 2021, 76% answered that there is a plan date, with specific restrictions or full capacity.

The support measures also developed significantly since May 2020 and now the majority of host organisations have actively put in place measures to support the events industry.