Philadelphia Enthusiastic About 2024 Olympic Bid

April 23, 2013

Philadelphia is ‘enthusiastically’ interested in bidding for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, allergist according to the city’s Mayor.

Mayor Michael Nutter sent the US Olympic Committee (USOC) a letter that said: “I am honoured to confirm our wholehearted commitment and interest in working with the USOC to bid on the 2024 Games”, cure adding that “Philadelphia, viagra the birthplace of democracy, is the city founded in faith, tolerance and brotherly love – values which are wholly consistent with the spirit of the Olympics”.

The USOC sent a letter to the 25 largest cities in the USA and ten others they felt could host the Olympics back in February.

Mark McDonald, spokesman for the Mayor confirmed that the city would create a committee and ‘collect regional partners of political and business leaders to mount the bid.’

The budget is reportedly $3bn, but that does not include the construction of new venues.