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Outdoor And Action Sports Engaged 749m Fans Across Social Media Between May 2020 And May 2021, Says Hookit

June 2, 2021

Despite Covid-19, 749 million fans engaged with outdoor and action sports across social media, a study by Hookit found. World Surf League topped the social media list with total 15.3M followers.

In their latest report, titled “Sports Marketing In Outdoor & Action Sports”, Hookit have analyzed posts from athletes and sports properties within this area of sport which were published across social media from 1 May, 2020 – 30 Apr, 2021.

The study aims to find out how well action sports athletes and leagues are promoting their brand partners and which brands are being promoted the most & best across these sports. The sports reviewed included Skating, Surfing, Snowboard, Skiing, Climbing, Mountain Biking, BMX, Motocross and Off-Road Moto.

“Supercross helped Motocross lead all outdoor & action sports in total sponsorship value with $87.3M in AAV generated for brand sponsors.”

According to the report, some athletes within this area have massive followings but very few engaged fans. Others have more modest followings, but highly engaged fans, a key for brands as they should engage fans with better engagement rather than a larger following.

In total, Skaters generated the most sponsorship value for brands, but Supercross helped Motocross lead all outdoor & action sports in total sponsorship value with $87.3M in AAV generated for brand sponsors.

Some other notable findings from the report include:

– Across action sports, energy drinks have been established as the leading category, making up 3 of the top 5 brands by sponsorship value received since May 1, 2020.

– While Skaters drive the most engagement and have the most followers, climbers, mountain bikers, and surfers drive the most engagement per follower.

– Athletes drive 65% of the value across action sports, but Supercross, the World Surf League, and Freeride World Tour drive significant value for their brand partners.

– On average, action sports athletes deliberately promote 8 different brands. Action sports leagues and events typically promote 24 brands 3x as many as athletes.

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action sports Brands Sponsorship