Organisation is the Key for a Successful Euro 2012 says Herra

October 31, 2011

Marcin Herra, who heads PL.2012, the body overseeing the array of projects from stadiums to airports and hotels to highways for Euro 2012 has claimed Michel Platini’s recent visit to Poland has highlighted that organisation is the key to a successful hosting of the tournament.

In his latest column for iSportconnect Herra suggests Platini’s comments about organisation is a important factor which has been overlooked.

“Since this is what Michel Platini also, or maybe first and foremost, talked about. Preparations in the scope of organisation cover more than 250 projects coordinated or realised by PL.2012 with more than 170 partners.”

Herra believes managing these issues will lead to the games running smoothly.

“The main issues include security (everywhere, not only on during the games) and transport – today each scenario is still within the realm of possibility and in the development phase – we are looking forward to the drawing of tournament groups scheduled for December 2nd – the date which shall furnish us with the knowledge on the final form and course of the tournament. Next – the service for visitors,” he said.

“Volunteer work is of utmost importance, we have just launched the recruitment process aimed at recruiting approximately 3,000 city volunteers in 4 Host Cities. Their task will be to take care of the complex information services and high quality of services to be offered to our guests in June 2012.

“One can also not forget about the Euro Academy, i.e. trainings for the public sector funded from the EU resources ( Not to mention many other elements. We are also engaged in the national and urban strategies for transport services since it is an element that stands out as the most important component of organisation of transportation.”

During his visit Platini confirmed preparations for Euro 2012 were on track. “Where two years ago there was nothing but mud and rubble, modern stadiums stand today. Euro 2012 – I see no other way, but success,” he said.

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