NCAA and Tagboard Partner to Launch #FinalFour Hashtag Battle

April 3, 2017


The NCAA and Tagboard have teamed up to deliver social media display campaigns in every live game, in every tournament stadium throughout March Madness.

The campaigns connect with passionate fan’s second screens, creating a deeper connection to the game through multiple screens.

This week, for the first time, Tagboard is launching a #FinalFour Hashtag Battle, allowing fans to “battle” for their favorite Final Four team by posting to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. On top of being displayed live at the University of Phoenix stadium during game breaks this weekend, the NCAA will embed the Hashtag Battle on the Final Four website.  

Fans are encouraged to support and cheer on their favorite team (#BattleDucks, #BattleSC, #BattleTarheels, #BattleZags).

To embed the #Hashtag voting simply visit this link.