Disney Formula 1 Hulu On The Move

On The Move: Latest Community Job Updates

February 27, 2020

Kelly Campbell has been promoted to President of Hulu from her role as Chief Marketing Officer.

Ben Pincus has joined Formula 1 as Director of Commercial Partnerships, replacing Murray Barnett.

Bob Chapek has replaced Bob Iger as Disney CEO.

Chris Hibbs has joined Legends as President, Global Partnerships.

Jon Cockcroft has become CEO of Bowls England.

Matteo Bozza is new Partnership Business Development & Insights Manager at Inter Milan.

Ivan Modia has been announced as Chief Operating Officer of Kosmos Tennis, with Marc Carrión Puig also named to the position of Senior Marketing & Digital Director.

Rob March has moved to Chester Race Company Ltd in the position of Head of Commercial.

Milly Preston is new Head of Marketing at Excel Esports.

Didier Quillot was named President for the Association for the Protection of Sports Programmes.

Jakob Larsen was appointed Director of Competition and Events for World Athletics.

Marc Hope is Rocket Sports new Director of Rights Marketing.

Disney Formula 1 Hulu On The Move