Data Capture EA Sports Fan Engagement Football Monterosa Premier League Soccer Social Media Special Report

How Monterosa helped EA Sports transform the global voting experience for Premier League fans

January 30, 2018

EA SPORTS is a leading global interactive entertainment software company publishing a series of market leading games including FIFA 18, Madden 18 and NBA Live 18. As the Lead Partner of the Premier League, EA SPORTS holds the exclusive global rights to activate the Player of the Month award.


For the 2017/18 season, EA SPORTS challenged us to help them take more ownership of the exclusive asset and to drive greater value from the right, with added importance on providing a secure and scalable platform to match their innovative reputation.

Our response was to deploy Fan Voice, our leading web-based voting product powered by our award-winning interaction platform LViS. The solution enables our clients to offer voting experiences at scale across multiple destinations, languages and brand designs.



Fan Voice Integrates with video and live data to transform voting from a task into an experience. With each player having their own page, fans can now review their monthly performance (minutes played, goals scored, etc.) and watch the player in action, to help them choose their preferred option.


We wanted the fans to be able to shout about who they had voted for. So we deployed the Fan Voice meme generator. Fans are offered a choice of headlines to lay over an image of their selected player. It then creates a card that can be shared instantly across Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.


A key area identified for this project was linking the FIFA game series with the real-life Premier League competition and we were keen to find ways in which we could create a connection with EA SPORTS’ popular FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) feature.

By asking fans to share their gamer details such as username, email address and preferred console we were able to reward a selection of fans with highly sought-after Player of the Month hero items within their personal FUT teams, giving them an advantage over their online competition.

Click here to try out a demo of the EA SPORTS Premier League Player of the Month vote experience

Data Capture EA Sports Fan Engagement Football Monterosa Premier League Soccer Social Media Special Report