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Milwaukee Bucks names Miller Brewing Company as beer and malt beverage partner

February 23, 2018

Milwaukee Bucks has named Miller Brewing Company as a new founding partner of the upcoming world-class Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center (WESC) and the exclusive beer and malt beverage partner of the new arena.

The partnership will include extensive Miller Brewing Co. branding and integration throughout the WESC including three main bar locations. On the main concourse of the arena will be The Miller Brewing Co. bar and a Leinenkugel’s bar, with a Coors Light bar on the upper concourse.

All three bars will feature direct sight lines into the arena bowl, providing views of the event. The upper concourse will also include the Coors Light Silver Bullet Suite, which will be an exclusive event space for limited events with a capacity of up to 60 guests.

“The Bucks are proud that Miller Brewing Co., a fabric of our city, has become a Founding Partner of Milwaukee’s new dynamic arena,” said Bucks president Peter Feigin. “Miller Brewing Co. has been a long-time partner of the Bucks, and we’re excited to further our relationship and activate our brands together in our new venue.”

“Miller Brewing has enjoyed an incredible partnership with the Milwaukee Bucks since they were founded 50 years ago,” said Jim Kanter, Miller Brewing general manager for Wisconsin. “Having such an extensive history with the franchise makes us even more proud to be named one of the Founding Sponsors of the new arena, and be part of the next exciting chapter for not only the team, but all of Milwaukee.”

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