Mikhail Mazur Appointed As IMMAF Chief Technology Officer

By Community | September 20, 2021

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is pleased to announce that Mikhail Mazur has been formally engaged as the organisation’s new Chief Technology Officer.

The appointment will see Mazur responsible for the management of Information Technology and Data to improve IMMAF’s offering to members and audiences and facilitate further growth, in alignment with IMMAF’s strategic plan. The assignment includes the improvement of IMMAF’s IT infrastructure, the integration of technology into day-to-day business and responsibility for IMMAF’s IT budget. Projects underway include: a new digital scoring system; the expansion of immaf.org to include a database of athletes, events, videos and statistics; and the IMMAF LIVE project for a comprehensive live viewing experience of IMMAF Championships.

As a “hardcore” MMA fan with a bachelor’s degree in IT from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Groningen, Mazur worked as a consultant before joining the WMMAA (World Mixed Martial Arts Association) as Director of Communication and Information. Since the merger with IMMAF in 2019, Mikhail has been managing IMMAF’s data and analytics’ department on a part-time basis. Born in the Soviet Union, Mikhail grew up in the Netherlands and currently resides in Vietnam. Mikhail is fluent in six languages.

IMMAF’s new CTO, Mikhail Mazur, commented:

“I’ve been working in the IT consultancy industry for over 10 years and have managed large-scale and big-budget projects across several industries. In that time, I have never lost my connection with the MMA world. It’s always been my passion. Alongside my IT qualifications, I also obtained an MMA judges’ qualification under WMMAA. I have continued to work to develop my knowledge in both fields of interest and I am excited that my new, enhanced role as CTO bridges them.

“My goals are to make our National Federations’ lives easier; to create a smooth experience for our audience from watching live events to getting to know our athletes; and to introduce new technologies. I am grateful to the IMMAF board for this opportunity, and I want to make IMMAF the most professional organisation in amateur sport.”

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said:

“The IMMAF board is proud to promote Mikhail to a full time and enhanced role as IMMAF’s Chief Technology Officer. Data and IT are fundamental to IMMAF’s activities and to our strategic plan and Mikhail’s appointment will serve to strengthen the development of amateur MMA.”