UK Sport’s Athlete Medical Scheme (AMS) is a medical insurance scheme which covers the costs of healthcare of funded athletes who are members of Olympic and Paralympic sports World Class Programmes. National Governing Bodies, funded or unfunded, may also purchase places on AMS at an agreed cost by UK Sport, to provide medical cover to athletes not on a World Class Programme.

This Invitation To Tender is for the contract to act as intermediary broker on behalf of UK Sport with its insurance provider of the AMS, for the term 1 October 2023 – 30 September 2026 (three-year contract with an option to extend by one further year). The key role of the insurance broker is to hold on behalf of UK Sport the AMS insurance provider to account on service levels to members of the scheme, support UK Sport’s contractual and premium negotiation with the incumbent insurance provider and explore the private medical insurance market to ensure UK Sport is able to obtain the best scheme for the treatment of circa 1300 athletes at the best possible value available.

Suppliers wishing to express interest in this tender opportunity should e-mail to that effect. The deadline for tender proposals is Friday 28th July (12.00pm).

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