Main goal:

The Strategic Research Manager leads analysis-based research projects to enable improved strategic policy- and decision-making by UEFA and its stakeholders. This includes collecting and analysing data to support strategic projects, writing reports and presenting them to the top-level management of UEFA, the national associations, leagues and clubs.

Key responsibilities:

– Collecting and analysing data in conjunction with research centre data specialists to support strategic projects;
– Writing reports based on supporting documentation and data for senior management;
– Keeping abreast of current market developments (commercial, political and societal) that may have an impact on UEFA strategy;
– Continually reviewing news/official reports from sports marketing companies, European Union institutions and stakeholders such as the ECA, EPFL, etc.;
– Proposing new initiatives deemed central to UEFA’s strategic and service objectives;
– Building and operating Excel models demonstrating scenarios relevant to strategic projects;
– Presenting complex and technical ideas in an understandable and intuitive way.


Experience required:
– More than 7 years in management or strategic consulting within the sports sector, preferably involving advisory roles in sports organisations or media companies
– More than 7 years working with sports organisations and experiencing how they operate
– More than 7 years working in research

– Masters in a relevant field
– Additional postgraduate qualifications would be a plus

– English / Proficient

Additional requirements:
– MS Office/ Advanced
– Ability to collacte information and create a coherent overview
– A general interest in football
– Excellent knowledge of sports organisations and how they operate
– Good public speaking skills
– Willingness to travel

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