Oversee and support the effective ticketing Operations and delivery of all Games’ Ticketing Programs in close collaboration with the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (OCOG)

Main responsibilities

Support the ticketing program’s core systems & solutions

  • Support the OCOG to develop the RFP to define the Ticketing System Provider
  • Support the OCOG during the proposal’s evaluation and in the contractual relationship with the Ticketing System Provider
  • Working with the OCOG to customize reports and other mandatory system integrations, such as payment systems and their operational solutions
  • Working to integrate Stakeholders into the consumer journey and/or in the ticketing and hospitality.
  • Lead the integration between Hospitality, Ticketing, Games Experience and other IOC stakeholders systems

Support future OCOG’s to develop their Ticketing Business Plan

  • Support the OCOG’s development and implementation of ticketing policies, procedures, operating plans and required ticketing sales legal documentation to support the ticketing program.
  • Optimize the development of seating bowl design, to define the prices zones, price categorization and aligned accredited areas
  • Guide the development of the sport by sport business plan, to help OCOG’s to define the ticket prices and the sports that will need more attention in the marketing campaigns.
  • Support the OCOG to plan and achieve targets, based on a solid operational, marketing and sales plan.

Support the OCOG in the preparation of the operational/sales phases

  • Optimize the development and management of venue capacities, starting from the gross capacity to define kills, holds, contingency, among others, until the net capacity/net sellable
  • Leading the IOC/OCOG Seating Bowl Working Group and its optimization of all sellable spaces in venues
  • Ensure the effective allocation and seat assignment of tickets for all Games stakeholders and fans
  • Drive the development and lead the IOC’s final approval of all ticket quotas for all market segments
  • Collaborates with OCOG and internal FAs to successfully integrate the ticketing plan including: GAD, OFS, PRS, OBS, SPT, VEM-VNI, TMS and LGL.
  • In collaboration with internal teams, assist the OCOGs to oversee all stakeholders’ effective participation within the program including the full development of guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • Support and participate in the launch of the ticket sales for stakeholder and public sales
  • Ensure that the TKT operations plans are developed and delivered in harmony with Hospitality, Games Experience and other Games planning functional areas.

Games Time and Post Olympic Games’ reconciliation

  • Support the OCOG at Games Time, working close to the teams, understanding and sharing with the IOC the relevant issues that could impact the consumer journey.
  • Monitoring and update possible issues, escalating to the Head of Ticketing and Hospitality issues with potential to impact consumers or the IOC.
  • Support the IOC PMO to collect the needed information to be used as a TOK for future OCOG’s.
  • In close collaboration with LGL and FIN, ensure the reconciliation of all relevant information to assess the performance of the new ticketing model and prepare the future

Our requirements

  • University degree
  • Significant and proven experience in leading international Ticketing programmes .
  • Specific experience in Olympic Ticketing or other relevant operations at the Games an advantage.
  • Languages: fluent English. Knowledge of French or other languages an advantage.
  • Proven experience of international and multicultural environments.
  • Excellent command of corporate tools and compliance with the internal usage rules (SharePoint, Skype for Business, Live Link, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).
  • Excellent organisation and planning skills
  • Strong service and results orientation skills
  • Ability to establish a realistic, clear and efficient line of action to reach objectives
  • Ability to produce high-quality results by adopting a pragmatic, efficient approach
  • Ability to find agreement through mutual concessions when faced with diverging interests
  • Ability to examine, understand and summarize complex information, subjects or issues
  • Ability to handle tight deadlines and stressful situations
  • Ability to prioritize and deal with the unexpected
  • Ability to communicate and share information efficiently

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