Main goal

The Procurement Category Expert leads the category at strategic and tactical levels and contributes to procurement success by defining and implementing a clear strategy, realising optimisation potential and ensuring an attractive and accurate supplier portfolio within the category. The incumbent is responsible for plan-to-strategy (P2S) and source-to-contract (S2C) processes within the category, performs tenders and acts in UEFA’s best interests.

Key responsibilities

– Analysing spending and contract information;
– Forecasting and consolidating future demands and the necessary specifications for the category in consultation with internal customers;
– Evaluating suppliers and analysing their performance;
– Analysing TCO for the individual products and services;
– Analysing the supply market and supplier portfolios;
– Identifying and evaluating optimisation levers in consultation with internal customers;
– Defining the category and supplier strategy;
– Defining an action plan in consultation with internal customers and monitoring implementation;

– Compiling specifications from internal customers and challenging them to identify potential optimisation;
– Evaluating existing and new suppliers proposed by internal customers;
– Screening the market for additional potential suppliers – Carrying out ITEI/RFI and conducting financial health checks on potential new suppliers;
– Defining the sourcing approach, responsibilities and sourcing project team;
– Preparing and aligning a supplier longlist as well as RFQ/ITT documents, and provide the RFQ/ITT to suppliers;
– Clarifying the RFQ/ITT and evaluating commercial and technical/functional offers;
– Preparing and conducting negotiations;
– Selecting suppliers and obtaining approval from procurement management and internal customers;
– Finalising contracts;

– Helping internal customers with claims management;
– Supporting buyers in supplier evaluations during the P2P process;

– Taking part in budget planning rounds/discussions;
– Taking part in the development of the overall procurement strategy;
– Innovation management and organisational development within the Procurement Unit;
– Risk management (supply/commercial risk identification and countermeasures) within the category; – Supplier management;
– Contract management;


Experience required:
– 3+ years in strategic procurement – 5+ years in procurement

– Bachelor’s business administration, procurement/operations management, or similar

– English / Proficient
– Fluent in French
– Any other language would be an asset

Additional requirements:
– MS Office / Advanced
– SAP / Advanced
– Experience in indirect category management with at least 3 years of experience procuring IT/digital solutions at company/group level

– Deep understanding of core P2S and S2C procurement processes
– Understanding of core P2P procurement processes
– Understanding of procurement support processes: supplier management, contract management, data management
– Knowledge of state-of-the-art procurement tools and methodology
– In-depth knowledge of the supply markets, products and services within the category
– Knowledge of relevant legal bases and internal guidelines
– Advanced knowledge of negotiation tactics and strategies
– Knowledge of e-procurement solutions (Ivalua, Coupa, SAP Ariba or similar)
– Project management skills, ability to lead procurement projects
– General knowledge of UEFA, in-depth knowledge of internal customers, their needs and requirements
– Basic knowledge of finance, compliance, legal and other relevant subjects

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