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We are looking for 3 new colleagues to join our Dubai office as Content Protection Manager:


  • Work and collaborate with local authorities for the implementation of dynamic and live blocking in UAE.
  • Track websites, forums and messaging groups in search of Apps, web pages, IPTV systems that allow viewing audiovisual content illegally in the UAE.
  • Identify, test or verify new sources of piracy, Apps, forums, etc., in the UAE market, also identifying possible links with other countries.
  • Detect most relevant illegal APPs and APKs in UAE and Middle East region, shall install Apps/APKs, collect evidence and report to official and alternative stores.
  • Perform daily shopping of services and devices that are linked to piracy in UAE, obtaining the necessary technical information for reporting, blocking or service disruption. Have a fluent level of Arabic to be able to maintain a direct interlocution with the pirates.
  • Conduct ongoing analysis of the audio-visual fraud situation in UAE, identifying sports organizations and broadcasters most affected by audio-visual fraud.
  • Infiltration and analysis of information in instant messaging groups, WhatsApp, Telegram, Dircord and other platforms, reporting to these companies groups when appropriate.
  • Providing legal and technical support in legal proceedings related to audiovisual fraud cases in UAE, collecting and presenting technical evidence.


  • The person joining the position must be located in Dubai.
  • Native Arabic
  • High English proficiency
  • Background in computer science or Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering
  • Previous experience in anti-piracy
  • Experience in social media and/or mobile App

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