Manchester United to break world transfer record

By iSportconnect | July 29, 2016

Manchester United will break the transfer fee world record, as they buy Juventus star Paul Pogba.

The structure of the fee is complex, and it’s not yet fully known. It has been reported to be between £92 million and £112 million. It could be the first transfer that will hit the 8 figure mark in GBP.

However, it is known that it will break the previous world record – paid in 2013 by Real Madrid. They spent £86 million (or €100 million) for Welsh star Gareth Bale.

The last six records have all been set by Real. The last time an English club broke the record was in 1996 – when Alan Shearer went from Blackburn to Newcastle for £15 million.

27 of the last 28 world transfer records have been paid by Italian and Spanish clubs.

It’s no co-incidence that the transfer comes shortly after the Premier League’s new £5.14 billion TV rights deal begins, which represents a 71% increase from the last agreement. The money was released to the clubs in July.

Clubs previously received at least £60.9 million from TV revenue and the Premier League’s central commercial contract: but that figure is set to rise to something in the region of £96m.

In addition, the merit money, a payment made to each club based on their final League position, is also set for a huge hike, but won’t be paid until the end of the season.