IAAF Congress and Presidential Election as it Happened

August 19, 2015

That’s it for our live updates from the IAAF Congress in Beijing, once again congratulations to Seb Coe on being named president. 

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8.20pm Speaking to iSportconnect, Keir Radnedge said: “One of the points of difference between Coe and Bubka was that, whereas Sergey Bubka had a lot of very cogent proposals for development, grassroots and so on, he was a little bit weak on the idea of actually where the money would come from to pay for all these good ideas.

“Whereas Coe has come up with proposals for extra finance that would go to the federations and the grassroots, which is obviously important.”


8.00pm Speaking to iSportconnect, Michael Pirrie said: “Seb Coe wants to make the sport as relevant as possible for the young generation. He wants the young people to go to the athletics events the same way they turn up to football and to many other exciting sporting events that young people go to and that means change to the format of the sports events in athletics.”


7.45pm We will soon have reaction to Seb Coe being named as IAAF president from our Olympic & World Sports editor Michael Pirrie and world sports journalist Keir Radnedge.

6.30pm “We have a man who has devoted his life to the sport.” – Outgoing IAAF president President Diack.

5.57pm Support continues to flood in for Seb Coe on social media



5.00pm Bubka also released a statement thanking the Member Federations who voted for him and congratulated Coe

“I would like to congratulate Seb Coe on his campaign, which gave us great opportunities to discuss many challenges of our sport, communicate with our Member Federations, and share our vision for the future of athletics,” he said. 

4.46pm Sergey Bubka has also shared a message on Twitter:


4.40pm More words from the new president: “I’m very flattered, very, very honoured to have been elected President. I haven’t had much of a chance to let it sink in.”

“You have a president that will devote himself full-time to the IAAF. It has been a long and hard campaign but it has given us the chance to pause for breath, the chance to review and renew itself.” 

4.31pm The new IAAF President shared a message on Twitter:


4.30pm “I am deeply honoured that our sport has placed its trust in me. There is no job I want to do more – nor with greater commitment,” Seb Coe said at a press conference in Beijing.

4.17pm Several well known figures have congratulated Coe on his election via social media




12.03pm Seb Coe is elected as the new president of the IAAF!

11.56am Coe: “I’m not asking to take power today. I’m asking to share power and to spread power. We have to be humble.”

11.55am Seb Coe now making his presentation

11.50am Bubka: “I’m confident that we can bring athletics to new heights. My doors, my heart always will be open for you”

11.45am The break is over, and IAAF vice president Sergey Bubka is now addressing the congress ahead of the election. Each candidate has five minutes to speak. 

11.30am A brief coffee break for delegates – after which we should be hearing from the presidential candidates Bubka and Coe, for five minutes each, before the election takes place

11.25am No surpise who former Team GB marathon runner Paula Radcliffe is giving her support to in the election…

Huge day for our sport today, backing who has the passion, courage, and strength to change our future and restore it’s integrity


Two sporting legends standing for Presidency -who both set World Records on this very day 1993 & 1981.Who today?

11.20am IAAF projected revenue for 2015 is $42.8 mil. For 2016: $81.9 mil, and that includes $40 mil from the IOC 

11.16am IAAF’s financial results for 2014: Revenue $59,038,357. Expenses $60,850,306 Reserves up to $74 million, up $12 million in four years

11.12am IAAF financial report now being delivered by Valentin Balakhnichev

11.04am South Sudan accepted as new IAAF member too. 211 countries can now vote in the presidential election between Coe and Bubka.

11am Kosovo is confirmed as a member of the IAAF after 187 voted in favour. 

10.57am Scratch that – it’s now 209, as San Marino has turned up late. Well, better late than never…

10.56am Now, the number of countries eligble to vote in the election has been revealed to be 208 – that could rise by two more if Kosovo and South Sudan are confirmed as members shortly

10.53am Veteran Olympics reporter Alan Abrahamson in Beijing:

Simulation vote at . Cherry and berries elected. Write your own punch line.

10.45am The IAAF congress is now in a process of testing the electronic system to vote in the presidential election. 

10.40am Some misgivings in the room about the electronic voting system for the upcoming election. Obviously some remember the problems had four years ago in Daegu

10.30am Diack responds to the Swedish delegate by saying: “Blame it on an old president who wanted to give this opportunity to the US. I am sorry about this”

10.29am Bit of a sour note in proceedings as Swedish delegate slams the IAAF for gifting the 2021 World Championships to Eugene without a bidding contest.

Says it shouldn’t happen again as it “affects the dreams and aspirations of cities”

10.15am Five countries are missing from congress. With Gabon suspended, that leaves 207 countries able to vote in the election

10.10am Leaving present – Diack given IAAF golden order of merit and the title of lifetime honorary president for his services to athletics

10.05am The IAAF is now undertaking a roll call of countries able to vote in the election for president between Coe and Bubka 

10am Diack: “Everything that has been done in anti doping in sports comes from athletics.” 

9.55am President Lamine Diack opening the 50th IAAF Congress

9.50am Addressing the recent doping allegations brought up notably by the Sunday Times and German broadcaster ARD, Diack defends the IAAF anti-doping work and accuses the media of turning the sport into “a kind of monster” 

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9.37am Outgoing president Lamine Diack speaking to delegates opening the congress. He discusses the strong state of the sport and goes through his achievements as president in his 16 years in charge

9.30am Even though Coe has strong support within athletics, our recent poll showed a large amount of support for IOC member Bubka to take over as head of the sport’s governing body 

9.25am Around 210 IAAF countries are eligible to take part in the presidential vote. The ballot will be via an electronic system with a paper-based back-up following assurances that the technology will not let them down as it did at their last elections in Dageu in 2011.

9.20am The Guardian’s chief sports reporter Owen Gibson – allowed in to China – picks up on the generous aspect of the IAAF…

4m4 minutes ago

The most important desk at any gathering of sporting titans, obviously…

2:17 AM – 19 Aug 2015 

9.15am As the delegates file into the building, Bubka can at least count on the public support of a handful of athletics federations as well as Ukranian sporting stars Andriy Shevchenko and Vitali Klitschko.

9.05am Coe makes his way into congress hall. He is the favourite to succeed Diack, and has been backed by more than 25 member federations of the IAAF

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9.05am Around The Rings reporter Mark Bisson spoke briefly to Bubka as he made his way into congress:

  1. Sergey Bubka tells me he is “very confident” of winning IAAF presidency


9am UK’s former sports minister Hugh Robertson is also at the China National Convention Center Grand Hotel

in Beijing representing Coe as scrutineer for the election

8.50am Welcome to the iSportconnect live feed of the IAAF congress in Beijing. The main item this morning is the election of the new president to succeed Lamine Diack. 

Seb Coe will speak second after Sergey Bubka addresses the delegates.

Here is a round up of what both men stand for by Michael Pirrie: Coe vs Bubka: On your Marks… The Race is on for the IAAF Presidency