Leadership Masterclass: “Let’s Think About How We Make Decisions”

March 1, 2019

Calculating risk and probabilities is a fundamental part of business and being able to anticipate future trends, or even what’s likely to happen next week, has never been tougher than in these hazy days of Brexit.

For delegates at the first iSportconnect Leadership Masterclass in London next week, all the uncertainty is very much good news. It will give a timely resonance to the presentation by our guest speaker Trevor Charsley, an economist, who is the Senior Markets Advisor at global payment and risk management solutions company, AFEX.

“Are people really aware of the decision-making process and the biases that they have?” he wonders.

That will be a jumping-off point on March 6, when Trevor will share his insights on risk, decision-making and leadership. Without giving too much away, he offers a preview in the video below.

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