Latin American Smartphone Market Charges Ahead

July 4, 2016


Latin America will be the world’s second-largest smartphone market (behind Asia Pacific) by 2020 with more than 605 million smartphones, capsule  according to a new study by Ooyala, viagra which contains a special LatAm focus.

Ooyala, iSportconnect Official Digital Video Partner, reported a 22% increase in the amount of sports and other premium video inventory available worldwide in the first quarter of 2016, helping to drive a 74% increase in paid ad impressions.

“The second half of 2016 will see a run on the OTT market unlike any we’ve seen before,” the report says. “There will be winners and there will be losers. Not every new service is destined for success, but the players are now out in force. “

Ooyala’s Video Index, a valuable data resource for sports right holders in their approach to the market, draws insights from more than 3.5 billion video analytic events per day from 220 million viewers across the world.

The latest edition shows smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular choices for watching videos during the workday. While PCs remain the principle daytime device, smartphones and tablets have begun to close the gap — and continue to rule evening viewing.

Nearly half (48%) of all video starts in the quarter were on mobile devices, up 129% from Q1 2014 and 14% from a year ago. Video plays on tablets made up 18% of mobile plays in the quarter, the third consecutive quarter of growth despite a slowdown in tablet shipments worldwide.

The report found that helping viewers discover relevant content keeps them on a site longer. On average, viewers watched 40% of all content recommended to them, increasing their time on a website by between 6% and 23%.

You can download the complete report here: