Kiswe Mobile: “The Cloud Enables Sports To Have Authentic Conversations With Fans”

August 13, 2019

In an age of on-demand and personalized media, the changes in the sports and entertainment world are so large and rapid that it takes a special kind of thinker to envision the future and elucidate where it’s all going. Kiswe Mobile CEO & President Mike Schabel is one such executive. iSportconnect TV caught up with him in London for a fascinating discussion of a huge transformation happening in real time.

As video consumption has changed drastically over the years, Kiswe has found a way to bring more authenticity and interactive elements to live events. Its CloudCast platform allows remote talent from all around the world to commentate on live events in real time and interact with fans as the broadcast is rolling to all platforms.

Mike is a PhD in chemical engineering who spent many years at Bell Labs and Alcatel-Lucent working on cutting-edge innovation  ̶  a background that gives you an idea of Kiswe’s high-powered pedigree.

Jeong Kim, the Chairman & Co-Founder, is Co-owner of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, the parent of the NBA Washington Mystics and the NHL Washington Capitals and owner of the Verizon Center arena. He was President of Bell Labs and is a Board Director of Samsung.

Fellow Co-Founder and Chief Architect Wim Sweldens was President of Alcatel-Lucent Wireless. Co-Founder & Business Development Director Jimmy Lynn was VP of Strategic Partnerships at AOL before setting up advisory firm JLynn Associates.

Our interviewer is iSportconnect Editor at Large Jay Stuart.