Join Our New Global Sports Industry Research Panel

By Community | February 27, 2019

iSportconnect is pleased to announce the launch of iSportconnect insights, powered by Goodform, a new global research panel for sports business professionals, exploring key trends within the sports industry.

Designed specifically to shape industry discussion and to understand the views of those working at the heart of the sports industry, iSportconnect insights will give sports business professionals the opportunity to have their say on the most topical and thought-provoking issues of the moment – with all insights shared back directly with those who take part.

The panel launches today with the initial survey focusing on sports betting, and it also gives you the opportunity to tell us which topics you’d like future surveys to focus on.

“We are excited to be launching this initiative with our friends at Goodform,” said iSportconnect COO Ray James. “Their research expertise across high profile sport industry clients makes them the ideal partner in iSportconnect insights, which will not only create valuable information that we can share with our community but help us to serve our members more effectively.”

Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Head of Research & Insight at Goodform, said: “Understanding what fans and participants think and feel is an integral part of what we do at Goodform, and we’re looking forward to delving deeper into the views of those working within the industry via this new panel. The panel has been designed with a view to delivering value to those taking part and to informing discussion around key issues impacting the direction of the sports industry – and we’re excited about the insights it will produce!”

The new platform will carry out six short surveys a year.

Learn more about the initiative in the short video below in which we hear from Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Head of Research & Insight at Goodform.

To take part in the first survey and sign up to the panel, click here.