John Williams Appointed Chairman of Professional Game Match Officials Limited

By iSportconnect | January 28, 2013

Former Blackburn Rovers Chairman, price cheap John Williams, drug has been announced as the new Chairman of Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL).

Williams will succeed Peter Heard and his duties include attending and chairing the board meetings, cough promoting PGMOL and providing strategic advice and support for Mike Riley, PGMOL General Manager.

On his new role, Williams said: “I’m looking forward to building on the excellent work of Peter Heard, Mike Riley and PGMOL Board, who can be rightly proud of the high standards of officiating in this country. My involvement will primarily be at a strategic level but I expect to have some tactical engagement with the wider stakeholders groups involved in refereeing.

“It’s incredibly important to continually build the cooperation and communication between players, managers and match officials.”

The PGMOL group was formed in 2001 to improve refereeing standards across the Premier League, the Football League and FA Competitions.

Riley runs the training, development and mentoring of 77 referees and 231 assistant referees, along with a team of managers and coaches.

Riley commented:  “On behalf of PGMOL we would like to thank Peter Heard for his excellent chairmanship. Peter has overseen the professionalisation of officiating from its beginnings in 2001 to its position now as one of the most respected bodies in world refereeing.

“The accuracy and fitness of our Select Group officials has never been better, the relationships we have with the likes of the Professional Footballers’ Association and the League Managers Association never stronger.

“We are excited about John’s arrival. He is a hugely respected figure in boardrooms across English football and has an excellent knowledge of both the opportunities and challenges of modern football. We are certain he will improve the standards of PGMOL further.”

Williams had previously been an executive at Granada Group, CEO and Chairman of Blackburn Rovers and most recently worked with Brian Marwood at the Football Operations department at Manchester City.