iSportConnect Roundtable Preview: Optimising revenue from premium & partnerships

November 8, 2022

The Covid pandemic dealt a huge financial blow to the UK hospitality industry. As recent events in rugby union have shown, sports leagues, clubs and venues are still feeling the after effects of the pandemic. 

Despite challenging economic times, B2B partnerships and premium experiences are areas of burgeoning opportunity where many sports organisations see room to grow through a smarter and more integrated approach to sales and servicing. 

In response to demand from our community, iSportConnect will be running a complimentary round table lunch event for sports organisations to discuss some of the related challenges and opportunities. 

In this roundtable, which will take place in London on November 24th, we will be discussing the challenges faced by sports organisations to grow revenues from their premium sales and B2B partnerships.

  • How do you find the right balance between acquiring new customers and retaining / growing revenue from existing customers?
  • How do sports organisations optimise their ability to up-sell / cross-sell to existing customers?
  • What role can data and technology play in helping to identify the opportunities, enhance your capabilities and increase revenue?

To sign up for the round table on November 24th in London, please contact (please note that places are limited!).