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iSportconnect Insights: Sports Industry Not Using Technology Effectively, Say Experts

October 16, 2019

Sports business professionals believe their industry is not using technology effectively, according to Goodform and iSportconnect’s latest Insights survey.

One of the most startling statistics to emerge from this new report is that only 31% of people within the industry believe that tech is being used effectively to enhance fan experiences.

However, in contrast, 59% of people from the world of sport believe it is being used beneficially to improve athlete performance.

iSportconnect partnered with Goodform for Insights with the vision of sharing views and knowledge from some of the biggest names in the sports industry around the iSportconnect community.

Goodform surveyed nearly 150 professionals from the world of sports business on the biggest challenges faced digitally.

The aim of this latest report, titled ‘Big Data and Analytics,’ is to understand consumer behaviour and current trends surrounding the digital world.

Another notable statistic to come from Insights is that a fifth of people within the sports business industry see piracy and the illegal use of rights as a factor in influencing the value of media rights.

But, of those who participated, 71% declared customised content as the most important factor for driving next-level fan engagement going forward, showing the need for better use of technological advancements.

“We know that the business of sports is a hotbed of innovation in the tech area, but the new Insights reports highlights that the business can still be doing more with the new tools that are being made available,” said iSportconnect COO Ray James. “We are all on a learning curve in these exciting times.”

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Goodform insights iSportconnect isportconnect insights Press Release