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Is esports at a cultural tipping point?

January 25, 2023

In a globally connected world, brands can no longer shy away from issues of our time. The new breed of fan is constantly online, constantly innovating and constantly learning. They are demanding that brands listen to them and take demonstrable actions to support the causes they care about.

How can brands be culturally relevant and stand out in the saturated esports market?

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Introducing the 22/23 Fan Intelligence® Index.

Ear to the Ground’s newest Esports Report slices through the noise to highlight the most important insights for a brand looking to be connected to the ideas, customs, and behaviours important to fans at any point in time.

The Esports Report Method

The 22/23 Fan Intelligence uses a robust combination of quantitive, qualitative and desk-based research.

Stage 1 – Desk Based Review

We reviewed our year-long discussions with the Fan Intelligence® Network. This enabled us to gain a fresh perspective on the seven characteristics.

Stage 2 – Fan Intelligence Review

To understand how they specifically impact a brand with their sights on cultural relevance in global esports markets, we spoke to our global esports collectives.

These conversations aimed to understand:
– What it takes for a brand to find cultural relevance in esports – What specific brands are doing it best right now in esports – What cultural relevance will look like in 2023.

3A Drive Positive Change

Esports can, and should be, for everyone. Brands that champion and drive this message within the Esports industry are highly respected by the new breed of fan. Driving positive change has been the most important characteristics of the last two Fan Intelligence Index’s.

By providing a platform for women in esports, Team Raidiant is driving positive change within the industry. This is done through amplifying their stories, giving career advice and hosting women’s-only tournaments.

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Ear to the Ground eSports reports