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IBF Signs Funk Group As The Exclusive Global Bowling Equipment Partner For Ninepin Bowling

By Taruka Srivastav | May 5, 2021

International Bowling Federation (IBF), the global governing  body for the sport of Tenpin, Ninepin and Para Bowling, and Funk, family owned and operated, Funk  and sister company Spellmann have over 130 years of experience in the bowling equipment  manufacturing and installation business have entered into a new long  term agreement granting Funk the Official Partner status. 

The IBF and Funk partnership goes beyond a traditional sponsorship agreement. IBF and Funk will  work together on a series of initiatives to grow ninepin bowling globally, to increase its popularity  and worldwide reach and to make it more successful, more sustainable, and more inclusive as an  international sport.  

Funk will be the IBF global bowling equipment supplier and partner for IBF Elite Events and multi sport games where Ninepin features in full support of all ninepin federations. 

This partnership will enable an increase in the ability to adapt to differing stakeholder priorities  especially with sustainability and climate change being of the utmost importance.  

The relationship signifies a major increase in the commercial value of international bowling with  IBF’s exclusive use of Funk technology and bowling infrastructure. 

The Funk values and mindset allows for bowling to be more sustainable for the environment and for  bowling proprietors in the future. Funk will be utilised in emerging markets where bowling centers  are not commonplace as IBF looks to increase the numbers of National Bowling Federations and  Academy programmes globally for Ninepin. 

“Without the support of long-term partners such as Funk, it would not be possible to bring together  two key disciplines for the sport of bowling. Ninepin bowling has an incredible, vast and rich history  and Funk will enable us to drive further focus to the sport” said IBF CEO Andrew Oram. “Funk are 

now more than ever an integral part of the bowling journey. To have QubicaAMF (Tenpin) and Funk  (Ninepin) as Global Partners provides such momentum and support to the growth of sport bowling” 

Owner and CEO Karl-Heinz Funk commented “We are beyond excited for the opportunity to be  Exclusive Global Bowling Equipment Partner and to shape the future of 9-Pin Bowling on a global  level”. Next generation Alexander Funk adds “The vision of the IBF goes beyond elevating 9-Pin  Bowling through a global commercial strategy. We are in full support of the underlying values and  ethics that will shape our sport in the future.”

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