ESL eSports Hulu

Hulu agrees exclusive esports content deal with ESL

October 10, 2017

Esports company ESL has announced a new partnership with video-on-demand service specialists Hulu.

As part of the agreement, ESL will produce four unique series exclusively for Hulu focusing on topics such as gamer training, preparation and industry trends, plus ESL tournaments.

The four esports series in the deal will include Player V. Player, Bootcamp, Defining Moments and ESL Replay.

Nik Adams, Senior Vice President of Global Media Rights and Distribution, ESL, said: “The partnership with Hulu marks ESL’s first original series on an on-demand streaming service, and will showcase the diverse nature of esports through high quality storytelling.

“Esports appeals to a younger, more digitally savvy audience so Hulu is a perfect platform to build out our original content and expose the world of esports to new audiences.”

Lisa Holme, Vice President of Content Acquisition, Hulu, added: “Esports is one of the fastest growing areas of media and entertainment, and, through this first-of-its-kind deal with ESL, we can now bring the popular world of esports to Hulu.

“We know our viewers, especially those watching Hulu on consoles, are hungry for this type of content – so we’re excited to offer it on Hulu for the first time.”

ESL eSports Hulu