eSports Hookit White Paper

Hookit White Paper: Sponsorship In Esports – A Guide For Brand Marketers

November 9, 2018

The era of esports isn’t just coming, it has already arrived and is here to stay.

With teams and leagues establishing themselves with more structure than ever before, brands have begun to invest across esports, specifically targeting Millennials and Gen Z, the core audience across esports.

Esports have existed for decades, but the rise of esports has accelerated with the launch of streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Even so, brand marketers have approached the space with a certain level of caution and uncertainty.

However, with the realization that the traditional sports audience is ageing quickly, marketers trying to attract the next generation of consumers are turning to esports, which has a forecasted annual growth rate of 18.4% by 2022.

The unprecedented access and interactive engagement with star players through social media and live chats, and the ability to watch games on their platform of choice (Twitch, Youtube and others) are some factors that make esports highly attractive to the socially savvy millennial and Gen Z audience.

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eSports Hookit White Paper