What Fans Think About The Ryder Cup

December 21, 2018

Sports fans say the 2018 Ryder Cup encouraged them to watch more golf on TV, but also that they would enjoy the event more if they better understood the format of the competition, and many of them say they would like to see a new golf competition with both men and women competing.

Those were among the extensive findings gleaned from the market by Goodform through its Sports Fan Panel research (see above). Over 10,000 sports fans are signed up to the platform with nearly 1700 of them taking part in this latest survey..

Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Goodform’s Head of Research & Insights, said: “It’s great to see some really interesting insights emerging from this piece that are applicable not just to golf but to the industry more widely. In particular, there is a clear appetite for formats which give a higher profile to female stars, potentially playing alongside their male counterparts. It was also interesting to see such a high proportion of those surveyed stating that they had been inspired to both play and watch golf more as a result – highlighting the importance of capitalising on major events to drive participation.”

The Sports Fan Panel is a unique platform constructed by Goodform, which provides innovative CRM, data and marketing services to clients such as Formula 1, Premiership Rugby and the English Football League

A key point of the Sports Fan Panel research is that Goodform formulates questions that deliver actionable results. The company’s mantra is, don’t ask a question if you can’t do anything with the data you get out of it

Listen to what Alexandra and Goodform Marketing Director Joe Kyle have to say about the company’s approach to research and the opportunity to learn more about what fans think and want via the Sports Fan Panel.