Formula 1 Opens Up For Fan Engagement

By Community | September 13, 2018

Formula 1 has entered a new era of fan engagement this season with a range of initiatives aimed at widening the excitement of race weekends beyond the actual tracks and opening up the sport to more fans.

Fan festivals in host cities are now a regular part of the entertainment experience reaching new fans. At the events, there’s more access to the previously VIP-only paddock areas.

The outreach extends into social media too, with a new policy of more open communication that has resulted in a big increase in views.

F1’s Global Research Director Matt Roberts talks about the new approaches to fan engagement with Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Head of Research and Insight at Goodform, which specialises in connecting sports with customers to engage with them more effectively and profitably through innovative CRM, Data, Insight, Membership, and marketing activities.