FIBA Reinstates Lebanese Basketball Federation after Suspension

By Community | May 8, 2014

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has lifted the suspension of the Lebanese Basketball Federation (FLB) by reinstating it with full rights and thereby paving the way for the country’s national teams and officials to take part in all FIBA competitions and activities.

The decision came after FIBA carried out a thorough review of the FLB’s statutes and organisation and held discussions with representatives of the federation. Also taken into consideration was the positive opinion granted by FIBA Asia.

The suspension was handed down on 11 July 2013, following the disruption of the Lebanese national championship due to political and judicial interferences, with the national federation being punished for serious infringement of the FIBA General Statutes and all principles under which the Olympic sports movement is founded. 

Lebanon’s Basketball Federation has been a member of FIBA since 1947.