Exclusive: BWF Reinforces Match-Throwing Decision at London 2012

By Community | September 21, 2012

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) have reinforced their decision to exclude eight women’s players for match-throwing at London 2012 following reports of discontent amongst Chinese coaches.

BWF SG/COO, Thomas Lund (pictured), told iSportconnect: “A decision was taken to disqualify four pairs from the London Olympics following two Women’s Doubles matches and obviously that incident and resulting disqualifications required some deliberation afterwards by various parties, including BWF as the world-governing organisation for badminton. As stated, we have begun our work in assessing the situation and this is on the agenda for our Council meeting in November.”

“It is also good to see that some other parties within the badminton family have engaged in their own processes of evaluating what happened.”

Dr. Kang, President of BWF, stressed it “must serve as a lesson to us all” and called on each BWF member association “to review its elite structures and programmes; thus ensuring badminton is played with the highest degree of ethical sporting standards”.

Lund acknowledged Kang statement and expects the whole Badminton community to contribute their involvement in this evaluation.

He added: “Our President has spoken quite clearly in saying this is a moment which must serve as a lesson to us all. The entire badminton community has a role to play in evaluating how we move forward from here – whether it’s BWF, its member associations or individuals – players, coaches, managers or other persons – associated with badminton. At a personal and institutional level, we must ensure we all subscribe to the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship. Each of us is an ambassador for spreading/entrenching these ideals among those in our sport.”

This follows reports from a Chinese coach which criticised the organisation for ‘carelessness’ and how this decision will hurt the sport.

But Lund said: “We are proud of our sport, its history and the strides we are continuing to make in increasing its global popularity, especially among the youth. Badminton has a lot to offer and we are determined not to let this single incident derail our positive goals or taint the long-standing wholesome image which badminton has enjoyed.”


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