European Leagues Present Principles For European Club Competitions Post 2024

September 9, 2019

European Leagues – the Association gathering 36 professional football leagues representing more than 950 clubs in 29 countries across Europe – has presented today its own principles to contribute reforming and improving European Club Competitions from 2024 onwards.

The leagues have identified 3 key starting points for the future of European Club Competitions:

Protect domestic leagues
Increase participation
Fairer Financial distribution
These starting points are key to start a new era of cooperation with UEFA to find an agreement with the football stakeholders on Format and Access, Financial Distribution and Solidarity, Calendar and Club Coefficient System which are the main interlinked factors that define the European club competitions.

For specific details regarding the principles identified by the European Leagues for the key factors mentioned above, please visit , a new platform giving a voice to all stakeholders seeking to help the game thrive in Europe at all levels.

The project aims to inform, educate and engage fans, clubs, players, domestic leagues, national associations, press and media, broadcasters and other commercial partners about the opportunities presented by UEFA Club Competitions (UCC) reform from 2024 onwards so they can make an informed contribution to the process.

The website is the key driver of the campaign for an open competitive competition structure in Europe. It is a living platform, available in five languages (en/de/sp/it/fr), which will evolve and be updated constantly, giving leagues, clubs and fans across Europe a voice about their ideas for the sustainable development of European club football.

“The platform includes feedback from stakeholders, across Europe, on initial proposals for the 2024 / 27 UCC cycle, along with deep analysis of the evolving dynamic between UEFA Club Competitions and domestic football over the past decade. Finally the it includes the concrete proposal of the European Leagues for a fairer revenue distribution model already for the upcoming 2021/24 UCC. “We are presenting this information in an effort to provide context and move the UCC reform debate into a more collaborative and inclusive phase” says Alberto Colombo, Deputy General Secretary of the European Leagues and Campaign’s coordinator.

Comments and statements from stakeholders across Europe in 2019 show there is a clear desire to reform UEFA Club Competitions from 2024 onwards in ways that contribute to the growth of professional football as a whole, while also improving the competitive balance of both domestic leagues and international club competitions.

“The European Leagues, and a wide range of stakeholders, have shown they are open to new innovations providing they are underpinned by the principles of current sporting merits, the primacy of domestic football, and the need to respect the domestic football calendar beloved by fans. We are encouraged by UEFA commitment to an inclusive approach and feel that this new platform and campaign will enable us to canvas the broadest base of opinions, ideas and strategies possible in a transparent way. We look forward to a healthy and productive process for UEFA Club Competitions reform in the coming months in order to reach an outcome that works for all of European football” concludes Lars-Christer Olsson, President of European Leagues.