Engage Digital Partners Gregg Oldfield

Engage Sports Media rebrands: The new age content company is now ‘Engage Digital Partners’

By Community | November 23, 2017

Engage Sports Media have redefined their identity and will now be called Engage Digital Partners.

This comes with a fresh new look that reflects the brand’s positioning and culture. A vibrant group of experienced professionals from all walks of the content business make them a dynamic and diverse team with aspirations of consistently moving the industry forward.

Their current services include:

Content Studios, Distribution and Publication, Insights, Influencer Marketing, Brand Strategy, Commercial Strategy, Technology and Innovation, Consulting.

Gregg Oldfield, Chief Executive Officer, Engage Digital Partners said: “It has been over 5 years since we started the business as Engage Sports Media and we see this as an ideal milestone to effectively position ourselves for the years ahead.”

The brand refresh comes at an exciting period of Engage’s growth in the sports and entertainment industry and allows the new age content company to reaffirm their offering as high-level strategic partners, along with the dynamic content expertise and services they provide.

As an organisation, Engage continually strives to be a trusted content partner with rights owners, leagues, clubs, broadcasters and brands. The company hopes to add many more clients over the years to come.

With Podium, a new data-led service, Engage can make clients better equipped to innovate and provide content and commercial solutions that address the shifting media consumption habits and technology advances. Engage believes their product will move industry benchmarks on how they plan to make content.

It has been an impressive year for Engage, retaining the World Rugby account until 2020 and on-boarding several new partners including Major League Baseball, Arsenal FC, Godolphin and Mountain Dew.

Last week they celebrated winning the Digital & Social Media Excellence Award as part of the Goodwood Racecourse team at the RCA Showcase 2017.

Engage Digital Partners Gregg Oldfield