EDF France Paris 2024

EDF Join Paris 2024 As Partner, With Focus On Environmental Sustainability

November 19, 2019

EDF Group has become the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games’ Premium Partner, joining the national partnership programme for Paris 2024 for a period of five years.

Paris 2024’s ambition is to organise environmentally responsible Olympic and Paralympic Games with an objective to reach zero carbon emission by reducing as much as possible its emissions and by offsetting what couldn’t be cut. By becoming the official supplier of electricity and gas for the Paris 2024 Games, EDF will be making a vital contribution to achieving this goal.

EDF and Paris 2024 will be making a commitment to raise awareness among the French about their energy consumption.

Jean Bernard Lévy, EDF group’s CEO and Chairman, explained: “It is an honour to be working with Paris 2024 and contributing to this historic event for our country. This ambitious partnership gives us the chance to rally the EDF Group’s strengths to help boost the success and fantastic example set by these Games in terms of environmental responsibility. We know that we can count on all of EDF’s energy, as well as on our capacity for innovation to make this major project a success.”

Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024, stated: “Becoming a partner of Paris 2024 isn’t just about adding the rings to your brand; it’s about making the most of the unique opportunity to commit to a major national project, and make a useful contribution to society as a whole. It’s about taking advantage of the unique momentum of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to stretch your limits and take innovation even further.

“With EDF, we are delighted to welcome aboard a company with roots in the day-to-day lives of French people, which will help us achieve our ambition of making sure the Games are open to as many people as possible. Together we are also taking up the challenge of organising the most environmentally friendly Olympic and Paralympic Games possible, with the objective to power all of our sites with renewable electricity. We share the same vision with EDF: to organise Games for our times.”

EDF France Paris 2024