ECB Appoints Surrey & Somerset Chairman to Management Board

April 19, 2013

The English Cricket Board (ECB) have announced  Surrey chairman Richard Thompson and Somerset chairman have joined the Management Board for a three-year term of office until 2016.

Mr Nash was elected unopposed as the Non-Category A first-class county clubs’ appointee to the Management Board. This position was previously held by Essex chairman Nigel Hilliard who chose not to stand for re-election at the end of his three-year term of office.

Mr Thompson was elected as the Category A first-class county clubs’ appointee after defeating Warwickshire chairman Norman Gascoigne by 10 votes to seven in a ballot which was conducted by the Electoral Reform Society. This position was previously held by Yorkshire chairman Colin Graves who was recently elected as the ECB’s new Deputy Chairman in succession to Dennis Amiss.

Mr John Pickup will also continue to serve on the ECB Management Board for a further three year-term after his nomination as the Recreational Assembly’s appointee to the Board was unopposed.