Ratings UEFA Champions League

Champions League Tops Ratings In Italy

By Jay Stuart | November 29, 2018

UEFA Champions League football action again led the Italian ratings for public broadcaster RAI on Wednesday.

The match between Tottenham Hotspur and Inter Milan (Spurs won 1-0) on RAI 1 pulled 4.535 million viewers with a share of 17.7%, easily the best viewing numbers of the night.

In The Netherlands, the Champions League completed a Tuesday-Wednesday double win for Veronica. PSV’s match versus FC Barcelona was the top programme of the day other than the nightly news. Barca’s 2-1 victory over PSV drew 1.712 million viewers and a share of 28.3%.

On Tuesday, the Ajax match did 1.713 million viewers and a share of 28.1%.

Ratings UEFA Champions League