Bundesliga Again Hits Record Revenues

By Taruka Srivastav | February 13, 2019


Germany’s Bundesliga generated record revenue for the 14th year in a row in 2017-18, according to the German league’s latest annual report. With revenue at €3.81 billion, the Bundesliga has doubled its revenue in the space of seven years.

The total revenue of the two professional leagues (including Bundesliga 2) exceeded €4 billion for the second time. The record figure of €4.42 billion represents a year-on-year increase of 10.3%.

A large growth was thanks to a substantial rise in the national media rights with the new four-year contracts running through the 2020-21 season having an impact for the first time.

During the 2017-18 period, 17 Bundesliga clubs generated annual revenue in excess of €100 million. In 2014-15, it was only nine.

Christian Seifert, CEO of the DFL, said: “German professional football has continued its positive development. This is driven in particular by revenue from the current national media contracts, which are reflected in the balance sheets for the first time.”

He continued: “Digitalisation and globalisation will open up new opportunities for German professional football in the coming years. In order to create the optimal environment for the clubs and existing and potential partners alike, the DFL is working consistently to enhance the conditions. This includes expanding its innovation leadership in the area of new technologies as well as its presence on international markets.”