Broadcasters Win Big With Women’s World Cup Semi-Finals

July 4, 2019

Holland’s overtime victory over Sweden in the FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-finals last night pulled the biggest TV audience of the year so far in The Netherlands with over five million viewers and an amazing 78.5% viewing share.

Public broadcaster NPO1 scored a 31.6 rating with an audience of 5.015 million for the match won 1-0 by the Dutch team.

In Britain, England’s semi-final defeat by the U.S. on BBC1 was also the most-watched programme of the year so far in the UK with a peak audience of 11.7 million and 50.8% share.

In the U.S., Fox pulled slightly over 7 million total viewers for the 2-1 American win, making it the most watched soccer match on U.S. TV since the 2018 Men’s World Cup final.

The Women’s World Cup final in 2015, in which the U.S. team beat Japan, was the watched soccer match in U.S. history with 25.4 million total viewers.