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British Cycling gears up with more and better data

By Community | January 11, 2018

The UK’s fastest-growing two-wheel sport just got even faster.

That’s thanks to a comprehensive data analysis project completed by sports CRM specialist Goodform, which has boosted British Cycling’s prospective membership database.

The agency’s work not only analysed existing customer data, but also harnessed several previously-untapped data sources and touch points. All have now been combined into a central data warehouse.

The warehouse now provides a single customer view of everyone connected to British Cycling, whether a rider or ticket-buyer for a cycling event – or both.

“It means we can now embark on highly-targeted communications strategy to people we know a lot more about,” says Terry Greenwood British Cycling’s Head of Membership Services and Insight.

“Goodform applied an insight-led approach to the data analysis project, rather than a straight amalgamation of our various existing data sources. This approach revealed touch points where we had collected data, but not considered part of our integrated marketing efforts.

“In turn, it means we are now much better-placed to understand our customers’ relationship with cycling enabling us to cross-sell products, services and events. It all means we can enhance the attraction of cycling further.”

Leading the analysis was Goodform’s Abigail Cockayne, who notes: “Apart from the more relevant dialogues British Cycling can now create with its followers, this work can have a profound effect on the financial stability of the sport.

It means the governing body is better placed to leverage existing sponsorships by providing more intelligent activation opportunities – and arms them with really hard evidence to attract new commercial partners.

“The insight-led methodology we employ is intended to generate genuine sustainability for sport, allowing them to secure their present and flourish in the future.”

Away from British Cycling, Goodform’s impressive client portfolio spans the sporting world. The agency’s core services focus on the use of data and insight to drive tangible growth – whether in revenue, participation or membership – or all three at the same time.

The range of Goodform services can be viewed here.

British cycling Goodform