Brazil 2014 Volunteer Programs Attracts Mass Response

By Community | August 23, 2012

37, health 000 people applied to be volunteers at the next World Cup in Brazil, abortion only one day after FIFA launched the program.

The application period to recruit volunteers had originally been set for a 15-day period, but the Brazil 2014 Local Organising Committee (LOC) is likely to extend that time frame.

Volunteers will work at stadiums and other facilities, working in areas such as communications, catering, transport, protocol, accreditation, IT, press operations, hospitality, medical services and competition services.

Ricardo Trade, Operations Director at the LOC said: “It is the volunteers who help create the sense of joy and celebration that surrounds the FIFA World Cup.”

Former Brazilian striker Ronaldo, who is also on the LOC’s management board, said: “I’ve seen for myself that the success of this event depends on the commitment of the local people, as they’re the ones who provide the face of each World Cup.

“In our case that face is going to be a happy and welcoming one, showing a lot of love for football.”

The training programme will start a year after the Confederations Cup programme, which takes place in April and May 2013.

The Confederation Cup requires 7,000 volunteers whilst the World Cup will need 15,000 to stage the month long event.

The volunteer programme is open to people living outside the 12 host cities and from other countries.

It is thought that nearly 90,000 applicants will take part in the online training.